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The Electric Miles Project

Pianist Herbie Hancock tells a story of going into the recording studio with Miles Davis, circa late-1960s, and not being able to find a piano. Confused, he asked…

1Up1Down: Live from Nowhere

1UP1DOWN is a new band led by saxophonist/composer Chris Kelsey. Live from Nowhere is the group’s first release. The first Sonny Rollins album I ever heard wasn’t Saxophone…

Herb Kloss: Far from Home

Jazz flutist Herb Kloss could have followed in his sister Sherry’s footsteps and become a classical virtuoso. Instead, Wayne Shorter, John Coltrane and Hubert Laws became his heroes….

Chris Kelsey / Tom Tedesco / Jack DeSalvo: Stutches

Chris Kelsey has an international reputation as one of the most distinctive and forward-thinking saxophonists in jazz. His own compositions are innovative, individualistic, and crackling with creative energy….