This intimate and intesne set is the newest collaboration between saxophonist Jorge Sylvester and vocalist Nora McCarthy, inspired by five visual masterpieces by Wassily Kandinsky, graphically and spontaneously composed in the moment, along with an eclectic choice of covers: songs by Cat Stevens, Abbey Lincoln, and Vernon Duke, and two jazz classics by Ornette Coleman.

In the Language of Dreams

  1. Dizzy Bird (4:54)
  2. Morning Has Broken — Caged Bird (6:33)
  3. April in Paris (5:47)
  4. The Blessing (4:03)
  5. The Sphynx (5:38)
  6. Study in Compassion (5:14)
  7. Back to the One (7:42)
  8. Small Dream in Red (4:39)
  9. White Stroke (5:37)
  10. Composition VIII (5:40)
  11. Lyrical (5:24)
  12. Yellow Red Blue (8:45)

Jorge Sylvester, alto saxophone
Nora McCarthy, vocals

Recorded and mastered at The Samurai Hotel Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Produced by
Nora McCarthy

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