The debut recording of the MATT LAVELLE QUARTET

“Esoteric Egyptologists remind us that hieroglyphics are not simply a primitive form of writing, but rather contain an entirely higher form of resonant meaning.

“Schwaller de Lubicz said, ‘Each hieroglyphic can have an arrested, conventional meaning for common usage, but it includes all the ideas that can be connected to it as well as the possibility of personal comprehension.’

“This, i think, is the essence of Matt Lavelle’s music.”

— Jack DeSalvo

Matt’s Mode
Tamir Rice
Matt Bop
No More Shootings
Fear Has Got to Go
For Taps


Matt Lavelle, trumpet, flugelhorn, alto and bass clarinets
Lewis Porter, piano
Hilliard Greene, double bass
Tom Cabrera, drums

Recorded at Trading Bs Studio in Paramus, NJ, 14 September 2016
Mixed and mastered by Jim DeSalvo at Beanstudio, Wayne, NJ
Design by Qua’s Eye Graphics

Produced by Jack DeSalvo