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Bluesy microtonal riffs collide like laid-back Higgs bosons with pointillistic cello and drums, triggering a breakthrough in acoustic fusion, dissolving the barriers of space and time. Ritual and meta-ritual paeans to the ten- (or maybe eleven-) dimensional multiverse by three post-modern temporally-displaced multi-instrumentalist shamans channeling intrepid music extending from jazz into new into folk into world music beyond quantum chronotemporal reality. A dark matter mix and engineering exploding into new worlds of cosmo-experiential sound.


  1. Seth Dance
  2. Counterparts are Comparatively Encountered
  3. Scientific Cults and Private Paranoias
  4. Reincarnational Civilizations
  5. Alternate Presents and Multiple Focus
  6. The Gates of Horn
  7. The Nature of Mass Events

Matt Lavelle (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, alto clarinet
Jack DeSalvo (mandola, cello, guitars)
Tom Cabrera (bodhrán, tar, riq, doumbek, bass drum, percussion)

Recorded, edited, mastered and mixed in 2014 by Jim Desalvo at Beanstudio, Wayne, NJ
Art design: Qua’s Eye Graphics
Executive producers: Gene Gaudette, Jim DeSalvo, Jack DeSalvo
Produced by Jack DeSalvo

Unseen Rain UR-9962