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Seattle-based Herb Kloss‘ gorgeous flute sound is united with the vast transcultural percussion pallet of Tom Cabrera and Jack DeSalvo‘s mandola, cello and guitar for a genre-transcending recording rooted in jazz, classical and folk. The result is extraordinary music.

  1. Coeur de Lion
  2. Into
  3. Quarcen
  4. Whet Stone
  5. With Child
  6. Richard et Saladin
  7. Three Sides
  8. Lion Hearted

Herb Kloss, flute
Jack DeSalvo, mandola, cello, guitar
Tom Cabrera, percussion

Recorded January 6, 2012 by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studio, Paramus, NJ
Mixed, and mastered by Jim DeSalvo
Executive producers: Gene Gaudette, Jim DeSalvo, Jack DeSalvo

Produced by Jack DeSalvo

Unseen Rain UR-9980