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The Itinerants are the brainchild of Pat Robinson and Eric Parker, originally formed to record some of Robinson’s songs along with collaborations with other musicians. Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry? is a tour-de-force of Celtic-influenced rock with more than a hint of blues and R&B. “We love all kinds of music,” says Parker. It shows. The band’s self-described style is “equal parts Pogues and Allman Brothers but with a ton of Asbury Park (NJ) thrown in.”

Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?

  1. So, So, So (Pat Robinson)
  2. Nero’s Fiddlin’ (Pat Robertson / Eric Parker)
  3. Which Way to Providence? (Pat Robertson / Eric Parker)
  4. Thinking about Your Love
  5. Walk with Me
  6. One Two Three Time
  7. County Line
  8. The_Carnival
  9. Blame It on the Road
  10. John J’s Leaving (Pat Robinson)
  11. Liverpool (Pat Robinson)
  12. Distant Shores (waldo)

The Itinerants

Pat Robertson, lead vocals / accordion / keyboards
Rich Blacker, background vocals / guitars
Mark Nixdorf, background vocals / bass
Eric Parker, drums / percussion
Dan Wilensky, saxophone

Produced by the Itinerants
Recorded at Spa Recording Studio, Unique Recording Studio, and Quad Recording Studio, New York City
Engineered by Mark Nixdorf with additional engineering by Katherine Miller
Mixed and mastered by Kyle Kelso
Design by Mary Horenkamp
Cover image by Gil Stone

mEyeFi MM-8998