MotoMachine – the incomparable team of multi-instrumental phenom Jim “Controlio Walleone” DeSalvo and monster guitarist-keyboardist Joe Mystery – fire up the Engine of the Gods, fueled by adrenalized guitar riffs that can cut through solid granite, powering through unrelenting, inescapable techno-industrio-gothic dystopian soundscapes. Cardiac patients are strongly cautioned!

Engine of the Gods

  1. Send in the Clones
  2. Dirty Spiders
  3. Holy Water
  4. Like the Light
  5. French Lick
  6. Count Drugula
  7. Everything
  8. Dogs (in the Kitchen)
  9. Fat Heel Suit
  10. True Reality
  11. Every Time

… plus bonus MotoMachine ringtone!


Jim “Controlio Walleone” DeSalvo, vocals / keyboards / bass / drums Joe Mystery, guitars / bass / keyboards Produced by Jim “Controlio Walleone” DeSalvo and Joe Mystery Mixed and mastered by Jim “Controlio Walleone” DeSalvo at Beanstudio, Wayne, NJ Design by Qua’s Eye Graphics

mEyeFi mF-4999