Masterful trombonist Pat Hall, known for his limitless jazz and Latin excursions, conceived of a group where he could incorporate a sheen of electronica into open electric jazz mayhem. Bassist Joe Gallant and drummer/producer Bruce Ditmas provide futuristic sound canvases, sometimes wild, sometimes gentle, for Pat’s trombone, reborn via live laptop treatments and Jack DeSalvo‘s electric guitar odysseys into and beyond distant galaxies. A K3rnelPaN1c  (kernel panic) is what a computer operating system does when it finds a fatal error from which there is no return.

  1. 0ff w0rl6 (46:38)
  2. Blu3 1s0t0p3 V13wp01nt (46:20)

Pat Hall, trombone
Jack DeSalvo, guitar
Joe Gallant, bass
Bruce Ditmas, drums

Music by Pat Hall, Jack DeSalvo, Joe Gallant and Bruce Ditmas

Produced by Bruce Ditmas
Recorded by Tedesco Studios. Paramus, NJ and Alphaville Studio A, Schooleys Mountain, NJ
Engineered by Tom Tedesco, Code B and Jim DeSalvo
Mixed by Code B at Alphaville Studio B, Schooleys Mountain, NJ
Mastered by Jim DeSalvo at Beanstudio, Paramus, NJ
Design by Qua’s Eye Grafx

Unseen Rain UR-9989