Abas pretty much is calling the shots here, and what he produces is unlike any other recording of the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Op. 15, you’ve ever heard. You can dive in pretty much anywhere, but try the opening movement, where Abas careens through startling contrasts, imperious gestures, and generally extreme phrasing. You might object that this isn’t Brahms, but rather Liszt experimenting with a slightly more classical approach to form. Yet Abas is clearly a highly charismatic player, and there is absolutely no possibility of boredom here.”
— James Manheim, All Music Guide

Elisha Abas is a unique renaissance artist. His belief is that classical music belongs to all people and it is not intellectual for the listener but rather emotional. He is a performing composer and concert pianist performing a repertoire of pieces by Chopin, Schumann, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Scarlatti, Beethoven, Bach-Busoni, Liszt and Scriabin, amongst other composers of the 19th and 20th centuries. He comes from a long lineage of great revolutionaries and artists. His great great grandfather was Alexander Scriabin, Legendary Russian Composer and his life long teacher, Pnina Salzman, Israel’s first lady of piano and the student of Alfred Cortot. His mentor was Artur Rubinstein.

mEyeFi is pleased to announce the release of Elisha’s sensational recording of the Brahms Piano Concerto No.1 with the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba conducted by Yoel H. Gamzou.

Brahms: Piano Concerto No.1

  1. Maestoso–Poco più moderato (22:28)
  2. Adagio (13:11)
  3. Rondo (11:59)

Elisha Abas, piano
National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba
Yoel Gamzou, conductor

Recorded December 9, 2009.
Produced and engineered by Andrea Tommasi.
Special thanks to Simona DeFeo, whose hard work and assistance made this recording possible.
Art direction: André Hilz
Copyright © 2009, Elisha Abas. Issued by Urlicht AudioVisual under license from Elisha Abas.

Urlicht AudioVisual UAV-5999